San Diego based indie pop artist, Alex Lievanos, has been known to make tunes that put you in the feels. His sound is a blend of alt-pop with an extra large side of retro synthesizers and alternative R&B. His biggest influences are Tame Impala, UMI, The 1975, Christian Kuria, and Gus Dapperton. 

Alex's latest release, Past Lovers, is about processing a failed relationship. The song was inspired by a relationship that almost started, and it was the first relationship since lockdown. His next release "Cold Hearted" features the talented artist, Pyramind, and will be released on March 19th.

Before transitioning into a more contemporary pop sound, he mainly recorded acoustic / indie rock songs. He released his first song Living in Wonder in 2013 while still in high school. He released Blindheart a year later. In 2018, he released his first EP Nights Like These, which had a surf rock sound. Later that year, he developed a more catchy bedroom pop sound releasing Ghosted and Fake Feelings. He collaborated with his friend Rachel de Koekkoek releasing Let Go in November of 2019. In January 2020, he released his debut album, Distant. 

Alex has opened for and shared the stage with many artists including Hey Violet, HUNNY, Hot Flash Heat Wave, and Sitting on Stacy. He attended Berklee College of Music for a few summers studying music production and songwriting, and even bumped into Charlie Puth (not literally). He also met Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, who became a huge fan of Alex's hat.